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Sachet of pure saffron threads

Sachet of pure saffron threads


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In the evocative setting of a flower garden guarded by Etna, between the end of October and the beginning of November, the first light of dawn sees you work. At this moment, the flowers have not yet shown the precious contents of their calyxes, and yet some “connoisseur” bees challenge our passion for the saffron harvest. Our “pure saffron thread” is the result of good agricultural practices and the generosity of the fertile fields we take care of in the heart of Sicily. The aroma of this spice is one of its most popular qualities. Indeed, it is used in the preparations of many first, second courses and desserts. It enriches the flavours and gives the dishes shades of intense yellow. The high content of carotenoids and crocetin in the saffron gives the antioxidant virtue par excellence, it also promotes digestive functions. Net weight 0.300g


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