Christmas Hamper “Prelibata” Ciccio Sultano


Christmas Hamper “Prelibata” Ciccio Sultano


Prelibata (Exquisite) is the second of the three Christmas hampers signed by Ciccio Sultano.


Prelibata is the perfect Christmas hamper for a gift made with the heart and selected by 2 Michelin star chef Ciccio Sultano. It includes: Sicilian traditional panettone; cosacavaddu Ibleo cheese; caponata; capers in vinegar; Sicilian pork sausage; Sicilian pork salami; cherry tomato sauce; anchovy fillets; Neurone sauce; pasta made from ancient Sicilian grains; cunzate green olives; organic biscuits; Mola gialla lemon Evo oil.


Price: 140 euros.
Free shipping in Italy for orders over 70 euros and in Europe for purchases over 200 euros, including discounts.


Shipments starting November 20, 2023.

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